Board Coaching Services

As elected officials, School Board Trustees may feel ill-equipped for some high-impact responsibilities. Ignite Governance can provide guidance to help navigate these processes.

Ignite Governance

Building an Effective Governance Table

Investigate the basics and suggestions for building a strong and informed team.

Learn the basics of Robert’s Rules of Order and put them into practice in a safe environment.

Communication with the public becomes easier when the role of the trustee is well-understood. Learn where the line exists between governance and operations.


Four hours over two sessions

Online or in-person

Hiring a Director of Education

The most important job of the Board of Trustees is to ensure that there is a strong Director of Education at the helm of the School Board.

Many Boards must go through the process of Hiring a new Director of Education. Trustees must be well-informed of the process and understand the implications of decisions at different stages.

Learn about the process and pitfalls from former trustees who have successfully been through the process as well as been part of the executive recruitment industry.


Three hours over two sessions.

Sessions should happen before beginning the procurement and hiring process.

Director Performance Review

Understand the purpose, impacts and implications of the review.

Build a progressive governance procedure for the legislated annual review that is both transparent and accountable.

Make annual goal setting a natural extension of the Director’s Performance Review. 


Four hours over two sessions one month apart

Online or in-person

Creating a Multi-Year Strategic Plan

Boards of Trustees are responsible for the vision, priorities and direction of a school board. This is expressed through the development of a Multi-Year Strategic Plan which is then operationalized by the staff.

Boards of Trustees must ensure the strategic plan is meaningful, goal-oriented, carries the voice of the students and community and includes staff buy-in. 

Learn the impact of the Multi-Year Strategic plan in its ability to unify decision-making, budgeting, and prioritization.


Sessions can be customized to suit your needs. 

Ignite Governance

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